UN message on solving the water crisis

UN message on solving the water crisis


At the end of the three-day conference, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres expressed hope for a political initiative to solve the growing global water crisis. He urged the member countries to unite and adopt a permanent plan to solve the water problem. The Secretary General emphasized that if the world is to achieve sustainable development, it is necessary to solve all the problems caused by water. So all countries need to come forward and a permanent political solution is needed.



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Water is essential for all life on Earth, but the world is facing an acute water crisis as fresh water sources diminish. Rivers are drying up, and many states are embroiled in water disputes. To address this growing global water crisis, the United Nations organized the first three-day ‘Water Conference’ in New York, USA. In this article, we will discuss the message that the United Nations has given to solve the water crisis.



The world’s population is growing, and with it the demand for water. Sources of fresh water are diminishing and many regions of the world are facing acute water shortages. To solve this problem, the United Nations organized the ‘Water Conference’ for the first time in New York. Heads of state and government as well as ministerial representatives of UN member states participated in the conference.


Around 700 government, private, NGO and business organizations presented their plans on water management at the conference. These plans aim to address the growing global water crisis and emphasize the need for a sustainable solution. The UN plans to review these plans at a high-level meeting scheduled for July this year.


The United Nations has taken an important step in addressing the global water crisis by organizing the first ever ‘Water Conference’. The message of the conference is clear – solving the water problem requires a permanent political solution and all countries must come forward to achieve sustainable development. Presentations by various organizations highlight the importance of sustainable solutions to water crises.


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