Baidu Launches Driverless Robo-Taxi ‘Apollo GO’ Service.

Baidu Launches Driverless Robo-Taxi ‘Apollo Go’ Service

Chinese search engine giant Baidu recently launched a robo-taxi ‘Apollo Go’ service that uses driverless technology. The service is called ‘Apollo Go’ and there are currently more than 100 autonomous vehicles on the roads in Wuhan. The service has made commuting easier for local residents. Around 2 million users have enjoyed the service till January this year. “News BBC”


Baidu’s Robo-taxi ‘Apollo Go’. Photo: Collected


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Robo-taxis are equipped with high-powered cameras and sensors that have been able to ensure safety and comfort for passengers. Traveling in these vehicles is fast, convenient and hassle-free according to users. This cutting-edge technology is part of Baidu’s diversification strategy as the company looks to expand beyond its core business of Internet search engines.


Baidu’s Apollo Go service faces competition from other major players in the autonomous vehicle industry Toyota Motors’ Pony is its main rival, while US tech giant Tesla also plans to launch its own Robo-taxi service next year. Additionally, Google subsidiary Waymo is developing its own autonomous cars, further intensifying competition in the industry.


Overall, Baidu’s entry into the automated car industry is a significant development in the transportation sector. The success of the Apollo Go service in Wuhan is a promising sign for the future of driverless technology and its potential impact on everyday transportation.

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